Enabling Analytical capabilities on the Meeting patterns and behaviors.

Saving time, saving knowledge contributing to the Organizational Asset base(for future references learning best practices) enabling collaboration, making meetings successful.

How it Works

Stand-up meetings simplified in three easy steps

Create a Magic Link

Create a Magic Link from calendar and Share with team

Start Meeting

Start meeting with HD Videoconference with your team

Capture Minutes

Capture run time meeting minutes and share instantly with stakeholders

Audio discussion to text conversion

Your meeting’s runtime discussion is captured in an audio format and later converted into a systematic text file (capturing all key action points, closed action points, decisions taken) with a flexibility to also convert to an mp3 file. That allows you to get ready for the next session in the car itself.

Instantly Share Meeting Minutes

With standupmeet.com, now avoid spending time on capturing minutes of the meeting on paper.

Share minutes instantly after the meeting, with proper format like key point, decisions, action points and closed action points.