Make your meetings more productive, efficient and enable agility in decision making

Valuing the time by creating the seamless integrating the Meeting workflow with less of human interaction

Why spend time writing minutes when you can instead focus on the meeting proceedings?

No need to write minutes of the meeting minutes. All your run time audio discussion will convert to text in a systematic way.

Like Key points, Decisions, Action point 

Shareable Meeting Minutes

Collaborate in real-time Instantly capture and share important meeting minutes like actions, and decisions


It can be difficult keeping track everything you have to do, Assign actions and track. Full transparency and accountability.

Recurring Meeting

Having trouble recollecting every detail of last week’s meeting?
Refer back to the previous recurring meetings without having to dig through your saved documents.

Conflict free meeting scheduling

No more email chains trying to find a time that works for you.

Automated Follow Up

Tired of sending several emails to see if to-do’s are getting done?
Automated reminders allow users to assign and check off action items

Automatically Track Actions Points

Easily track what you need to do from your Actions page and don’t worry about reminding others of what they need to do.

Flexibility across time-zones handles scheduling in different time-zones seamlessly.